Natalia Dotsenko-Bilous



Under conditions of financial and legal instability, safety of acquisition, holding and alienation of assets becomes one of the key business drivers. It refers to movable as well to immovable property, already existing as well as future, claimed or lawfully acquired.

While developing a Road Map to protect or ensure safety of the assets through efficient risk management, one should undertake the following steps:

1. Audit (due diligence) of assets and history of its acquisitions;

2. Elaboration of risk matrix influencing the assets;

3. Review of possible risk scenarios for the projects/assets;

4. Risk management strategy development;

5. Turn-key service for public bidding to select fair purchaser, and enable fair market pricing;

6. Selection of optimal hedging method for legal, financial and tax risks.

We help our clients to understand and take risks seriously and manage them independently from history and peculiarities of the ownership wright acquisition.