Natalia Dotsenko-Bilous



Ms. Natalia Dotsenko-Bilous – Ukrainian lawyer, author and developer of financial and legal models aimed to draw financing for construction projects. The developed models are based on using mortgage notes and forward contracts, option certificates, discounted bonds as well as venture funds.


2002 – Kyiv National Economic University;

2001 – Legal practice;

Ms. Natalia Dotsenko-Bilous is the author of more than 8000 publications in business papers, and the author of the books “Legal Encyclopedia for Construction Investments” and “Construction Financing Strategies”.

Public Work and Outlooks

In 2008 -2009 Ms. Natalia Dotsenko-Bilous is a key developer of the Law of Ukraine “On built-and-operate road concessions" and legal advisor of the State Road Service of Ukraine

Author of the idea of non-completed real estate sales through forward contracts

Since 2011 Ms. Natalia Dotsenko-Bilous promotes the idea to introduce derivative instruments under the forward contracts on non-complete real estate

Due to Ms. Natalia Dotsenko-Bilous endeavors, many pioneering transactions were executed at the leading Ukrainian stock exchanges on sale of property rights on non-completed real estate, and a few transactions on emission reduction units’ sale.

Ms. Natalia Dotsenko-Bilous recommends Ukrainians to protect their rights through establishment of housing construction cooperatives and replacement of non-performing construction customers. 

From 2009 through 2012 Ms. Natalia Dotsenko-Bilous conducted a live broadcast author’s programs “Business Strategies and Law” and “Market Leader” at the UBC channel and Pershiy Diloviy Kanal (First Business Channel), short documentary films “Park Pools”, “Construction Reform”, “Liko-grad – the town of affordable housing”, “First outlets in Ukraine”.

In 2013 Ms. Natalia Dotsenko-Bilous integrates her efforts with the Kyiv City State Administration to introduce Complex Strategy for Area Development (construction)

Educator and Advocacy Experience


Since 2005 Ms. Natalia Dotsenko-Bilous has been developing and delivering a series of training events related to construction, financial and legal models for construction investments, land use strategies, alternative energy sources, and public-private partnerships:

List of training and similar events:

Religious Activity

Author of series of programs and interviews with the archpriest Andriy Tkachov, Senior Priest of the Cathedral named after the Saint Agapit Pecherskiy (Kyiv City)

  •                     Seven deadly sins
  •                     Heavenly measurement of the wordly success
  •                     Financial crisis – between fear and hope
  •                     Corruption – looking for antidote
  •                     Do not scanty hand of the giver
  •                     Woman in business
  •                     Land – national wealth?!
  •                     Justice and Punishment
  •                     Christmas!
  •                     Freedom, Equality and Brotherhood?!
  •                     «On Nullity of Pride and Deep Love to Motherland»
  •                     «Depression = Low Spirits + Dispair»
  •                     «Anger – a way to crime»

Awards and Honors

Ms. Natalia Dotsenko-Bilous is a regular advisor to USAID on Public-Private Partnerships;

Edition "Ukrainian Law Firms 2009-2015. A Handbook for Foreign Clients" nominates Ms. Natalia Dotsenko-Bilous as the leading expert on securities, construction, real estate and land issues and recognizes her as an expert in taxation and international financing.

In 2010 Ms. Natalia Dotsenko-Bilous has become a recommended lawyer by "Best Lawyers". "Best Lawyers" is one of the oldest lawyer-rating edition in the USA and is a golden standard of precision and reliability.

On May 28, 2010 Ms. Natalia Dotsenko-Bilous was awarded with the Paper of Honor by the Ministry of Regional Development and Construction of Ukraine for high professionalism, fair and fundamental approach to coverage of construction sector and her active social position.

International rating agency Best Lawyers 2009-2013 included Ms. Natalia Dotsenko-Bilous into the list of the leading Ukrainian real estate lawyers. «Kyiv Lawyer of the Year in real estate sector» (2012).

Ukrainian Law Firms 2009-2013. A Handbook for Foreign Clients nominated Ms. Natalia Dotsenko-Bilous as the leading expert on securities, construction, real estate and land issues. Who's Who Legal 2013 recommends Ms. Natalia Dotsenko-Bilous as leading real estate expert.

Ukrainian Law Firms 2010. A Handbook for Foreign Clients nominates Ms. Natalia Dotsenko-Bilous an expert in taxation and international financing.

Ms. Natalia Dotsenko-Bilous is among the best 50 lawyers of Ukraine according to the poll “Lawyers of Ukraine 2008. Client’s Choice” carried out by Yuridicheskaya Gazeta (Lawyers Newspaper) among the largest Ukrainian businesses, particularly в Ms. Natalia Dotsenko-Bilous is recognized as a leader in construction, real estate and land law, and in 2010 she has been included into the list of the best 100 lawyers of Ukraine.


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