Natalia Dotsenko-Bilous



In terms of deepening and progressing financial crisis in Ukraine, efficient international structuring of private businesses and assets becomes more and more important. It enables access to international capital markets, reduction of tax burden, and efficient management and protection of individual assets.

What do we observe in Ukraine now?

  • Bank crisis pushing to search for safe private banking  options, devaluation of Ukrainian currency (hryvnya), foreign currency deficit, and as a result high clients interest for legally possible ways to save funds in foreign currency outside of Ukraine;
  • Risk of war status (martial law) to be announced, which provokes shift of vital interest center outside of Ukraine;
  • Tax reform and related issues – control of expenses, possibility of introduction expenditure tax (30%) on expenses, which cannot be justified by relevant revenues;
  • Increasing need in tax-related planning of revenues and structuring of assets to minimize tax burden, to protect and save assets.
  • access international capital markets;
  • reduce tax burden;
  • specialize and diversify business;
  • protect assets and ensure efficient business management;
  • ensure relevant confidentiality;
  • exit business easily;
  • protect legatees rights;
  • Selection of optimal revenue form for resident tax-payer in Ukraine to minimize taxation, calculation tax-related losses;
  • Structuring of assets in the form of real estate in Ukraine to minimize tax-related losses;
  • Advisory and logistics for selection of forms and ways of assets placement outside of Ukraine;
  • Accounting of revenues/expenses of individuals, and preparation of annual declaration;

Due to our long-term experience of transnational business structuring projects and well developed relations with foreign partners (among which leading law firms and advisors), we are happy to offer our services satisfying your needs. Inter alia we offer:

1. Structuring (restructuring) of business involving non-resident entities (incl. off-shore) to:

2. Establishment of Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) based on client requirements (e.g. to attract investments, to create a joint venture or a trading company);

3. International tax planning, incl. advisory on application of double-taxation treaties and repatriation of profit, optimal taxation jurisdiction, legal support to international payments, currency regulation and control;

4. Establishment of trusts and other SPVs for family members and relatives, structuring of family assets, legal support to family capital management, heritage planning, individual tax planning, etc.;

5. Tax service for individuals:

6. Opening of accounts for individuals (Ukrainian residents) outside of Ukraine.

7. Structuring of cash flows and assets for individuals (Ukrainian residents) outside of Ukraine.

Advisory on the safest corporate structure of assets ownership (deposits, real estate, movable property) ensuring asset control and protection systems and minimization of tax burden and tax risks.

Advisory embraces recommendations on selection of most efficient jurisdictions, and banks; identification of cases when individual license from the National Bank of Ukraine is required and when it can be avoided with estimation of relevant risk levels.