Natalia Dotsenko-Bilous



Public-Private Partnership (PPP) – is one of the most required  alternatives to public financing for infrastructure and strategic projects

At present in economic crisis environment, the PPP models allow protecting private investments and guarantee stability for contractual relations.

PPP is a multi-aspect category and should not be narrowed only to the Law of Ukraine “On Public Private Partnership”.

We are happy to offer you a long list of advisory services ranging from preparation of financial and legal models, decisions for infrastructure or social PPP projects to assistance in their implementation (management).

The most relevant areas for PPP projects are as follows:

  • Rehabilitation of household solid waste landfills as alternative energy sources. Financial and legal model is based on joint venture contract;
  • Rehabilitation of ‘vodokanals’ (construction of wastewater treatment facilities – sludge as alternative energy source). Model - consortium.
  • Construction of highways (roads) and road infrastructure. Model – concession which would be inefficient without investment agreement;
  • Construction of social housing for internally displaced persons. Model –agreement on comprehensive development of the territory.
  • Construction and management of integrated property complex of recreation facilities with forest roads.
  • Construction and management of fast food factories for social catering needs. Model – investment agreement.
  • Management of mines as unitary property complexes. Model – concession.
  • Management of municipal utilities as unitary property complexes. Model – management contract.
  • Functional services for pre-schools and schools. Model – management contract.

The above listed examples of PPP project were prepared (financial and legal models) and in some cases implemented by Ms. Natalia Dotsenko-Belous.

We have a unique for Ukraine experience of PPP project identification/studies and selection of most efficient solutions. We are happy to provide comprehensive legal support to your projects.


  • Development of legal mechanism for construction of the First Line of Velyka Kiltseva Road in Kyiv (ring road); preparation of concession documents (client – Transnational Holding MottMacdonald);
  • Legal support to Lviv – Krakivets Road Construction Project based on concession model, pre-trial settlement 0f discrepancies between the Parties (client- Polish corporation NDI);
  • Legal support of Lviv – Brody Road Construction Project based on concession model (client – State Road Service of Ukraine);
  • Legal support to Odessa Vodokanal Wastewater Treatment Facilities Rehabilitation Project, building of investment structure between the investor, land operator, municipal utility companies and Odessa City Council based on consortium model. Support to consortium verification at the National Agency for Environmental Investments to obtain quotas (client ‘Merkante’, and Odessa City Council) – national project on CO2 emission reduction;
  • Development of the legal concept for Odessa solid waste landfill rehabilitation (client- Odessa City Council).
  • Development of contracting mechanisms for private and public partners for the Forest Road Project implementation;
  • Development of contracting mechanisms for private and public partners for Public Trading Sea Port in Renni, Illichivsk;
  • Development of concession agreement, and concession bidding document for The First Line of Velyka Kiltseva Road in Kyiv (ring road);
  • Development of the draft resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on Procedure for calculation of fees for road construction and operation (maintenance) and on Concession bidding procedure for road construction and/or operation.

Experience in preparation and delivery of PPP training and workshops

Since 2005 Ms. Natalia Dotsenko-Bilous has a long list of training events prepared, arranged and delivered on wide range of topics related to construction, financial and legal models for construction investments, land use strategies, alternative energy sources, etc. Since 2008 she launched a series of author’s workshops on PPPs. Up to now the following PPP training events had been delivered:

Conducting of an internet conference with the Head of the State Road Service of Ukraine Mr. V.M. Gurzhos “Concession and Road Construction”, April 23, 2009, please visit the link below